AFHSC - Defense Medical Surveillance System

AFHSC operates the Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS), a continuously expanding relational database that documents military and medical experiences of service members throughout their careers. As the central repository of medical surveillance data for the US Armed Forces, DMSS contains up-to-date and historical data on diseases and medical events (e.g., hospitalizations, ambulatory visits, reportable medical events, HIV tests, and casualty data) and longitudinal data on personnel and deployments. AFHSC routinely publishes summaries of notifiable diseases, trends of illnesses of special surveillance interest and field reports describing outbreaks and case occurrences in the Medical Surveillance Monthly Report (MSMR), the principal vehicle for disseminating medical surveillance information of broad interest. Through DMSS, The Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center provides the sole link between the DoD Serum Repository and other databases.

Online Data

Selected Data Tables Integrated within the Defense Medical Surveillance System*

Table Source Frequency Rows Services Time Period
Person1 DMDC Monthly 9.9M All 1990-present
Demog1 DMDC Monthly 126.5M All 1990-present
MEPS MEPCOM Monthly 29.3M All 1985-present
Deploy2 DMDC Monthly 5.6M All 1990-present
Inpatient3 DHSS Monthly 17.8M All 1990-present
Deploy_Forms4 Service feeds Daily 11M All 1994-present
Outpatient3 DHSS Daily 1.8B All 1996-present
Immunizations DEERS Daily 108.7M All 1980-present
Serum Testing Labs Weekly 56.5M All 1985-present
Casualty5 AFMES Monthly 52.5K All 1985-present
Reportable Events6 Service feeds Daily 514K All 1994-present
Chem and Micro DHSS Daily 112M All 2010-present

* Last Updated: February, 2013


1.Person/Demog contain all persons serving on active duty and in the reserve component.
2.Deployment rosters for major deployments beginning with Persian Gulf War.
3.Medical encounters for active duty, activated Reserves and National Guard, and other beneficiaries of the military healthcare system.
4.Health assessment questionnaires administered before/after major deployments.
5.Casualty data for active duty and activated Reserves component deaths.
6.As outlined in the Armed Forces Reportable Events Guidelines.


AFMES?—?Armed Forces Medical Examinaer System
DEERS?—?Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DHSS?—?Defense Health Services System
DMDC?— Defense Manpower Data Center
MEPS?—?Military Entrance Processing Stations