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Navy Commander Dr. David Brett-Major of the Global Capacities Alert and Response department of the World Health Organization (WHO) that led the team of experts to successfully treat and discharge the first Nigerian Ebola Virus disease (EVD) survivor insists that usual patient care for any severely ill patient was the practice for all patients at the EVD care center.

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A new case-control study suggests that eating too much fat can increase risk of colon cancer. The study involving 215 cases of colon cancer and 215 matched controls from the Defense Medical Surveillance System shows that men and women in the high quintile of fat intake were 237 percent increased risk of colon cancer.

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The Department of Defense is watching the outbreak of chikungunya, once considered a disease of developing countries in African and Asia. Then last December, it reached the island of St. Martin, and has now caused hundreds of thousands of cases in the Caribbean. The first four locally acquired cases in the United States were reported in Florida in July. AFHSC developed this guide for the Department of Defense for detecting and reporting DoD cases of chikungunya.

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The Department of Defense is monitoring Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus (MERS-CoV) to protect U.S. service members and those of our allies, recognizing that adequate global public health provides for country level and regional stability critical to U.S. national security. AFHSC developed this guide for the Department of Defense for detecting and reporting DoD cases of MERS-CoV (as of 18 September 2014).

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